Bias in the media is clear. As a study from Loughborough University points out, there is no balance. While the tory campaign has had negative reporting, there has been plenty of positive reporting to balance the books. Contrasted with consistently hostile reporting for labour. This is all unsurprising, given the ownership of the papers and that the largest papers are right wing, such as the Mail, Sun and Telegraph. Centre and left leaning papers, tend to provide more balance. With both positive and negative stories. However, smaller circulation does not see that balance getting out to the general public. And you contend with the personal beliefs of the journalists themselves. Again while left wing journalists, such as Owen Jones and Paul Mason, have provided introspection by highlighting how the left needs to address its failings. Such balance hasn’t been for coming from the right. With Laura Kuenessberg being found to have misrepresented Corbyn deliberately, by her own employers (the BBC). The problem is that when journalists report they can not help, but lean toward their own biases. It is natural to do so. Even as I write this I am aware of my own bias to the left. However, being aware of bias in one’s own writing is only the beginning of how we deal with it. Not all people are capable of such introspective thought. So it is the editorial team that should challenge each other. Providing both left and right wing journalists an opportunity to publish their articles under the same banner. As the Independent started out as some years ago. Or, like myself, you read and watch as many different sources as possible. Including, activist outlets such as The Canary, Bloggers and MSM. However, I find much of the writing in the right wing media so abhorrent, I just cannot read it. I rely on news apps which draw news from across the board. Inevitably, this leads to some cheer picking. So how do we proceed?

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