Oh, snap.

Oh, snap.

Asma on Twitter: “On point!! “

@Yifrenia @LibyanBentBladi folks applying for say Irish passport now do so to keep their right of free movement into EU. They don’t “flee”. Asma. 15h15 hours ago. Asma @LibyanBentBladi. @Yifrenia you are absolutely right.. The dire plight of Syrians is nowhere close to unfolding Brexit fiasco …

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“In fact she signed a rival letter backing Corbyn’s leadership.” There could be a fair number of …

"In fact she signed a rival letter backing Corbyn's leadership."

There could be a fair number of these.

I understand that Cllr Drew Gale from Preston has threatened legal action if his name isn't removed from the list.

There may be trouble ahead… Perhaps fun and games, too. Gawd knows we need them.

‘I didn’t call for Corbyn to go’ says Birmingham councillor named on Labour website

Soho councillor Sharon Thompson denies signing letter calling for Labour leader’s resignation

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